Its time to share your good work!
Your proposals for peer reviewed presentations and posters are now being accepted.
Options include: 30-minute presentation, 90-minute workshop, 5-minute IGNITE and poster.
Submissions relating to the conference theme "Communities that Rock" are encouraged but
all relevant submissions will be given full consideration. Submit your Proposal(s) via the Fast
Track System Linked Here. Proposal submission deadline: January 31, 5:00 pm EST.

Would you like to 'IGNITE'?
What could you communicate if you had five minutes? Mahatma Gandhi's 4-minute cry for
freedom and democracy catalyzed a revolution that led to independence from foreign rule for
millions of people. If he could do that in just four minutes, just imagine what you could do if
you had five minutes! We invite you to share your big ideas and stories of success and inspiration
in five minutes or less at the 2018 NACDEP conference. Your ideas may indeed change the world,
your community, or maybe the life of one individual. Or they could inspire others into action. The
point is to inspire your Extension colleagues in ways to get us to think big and to act.

As a presenter, you will create exactly 20 slides that will auto advance every 15 seconds. We are
looking for simple, engaging presentations that showcase your impacts and unique strategies for:
  • facilitating collaboration within and across communities
  • engaging with residents and stakeholders in ways that build leadership and capacity
  • renewing the built and natural environments, and
  • empowering individuals and groups to take charge of their future  and create "Communities that Rock!"

Interested in reviewing proposals?
All these amazing proposals will also require peer reviewers. If you would like to serve as a reviewer, (it is
not necessary that you propose a presentation to serve as a reviewer) you can indicate interest via the Fast
Track system Linked Here. In the Fast Track system, please indicate the session tracks (topics) in which you
are most interested. If you have registered previously, you can confirm and/or edit your reviewer topics under
the User preferences tab after logging in.

Send to Becky Nesbitt or Cindy Bond, sessions committee co-chairs.