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NACDEP Winter 2022 Newsletter

NACDEP Colleagues: Greetings to all of you.  I hope you were able to accomplish your goals in 2021 and are now already on a roll as we begin 2022.  There are always lots of great challenges and opportunities in the field of Community Development.  I cannot remember a time when we all faced the kinds of difficulties we have faced in the past two years, but it looks like we are pulling through, and one sign of that is we are preparing to meet live and in person for the annual meeting this year.  To me that’s a sign of definite positive change and I am really looking forward to it.

In the meantime we have the current newsletter for you.  It is loaded with all kinds of interesting and informative reading.  We did not plan a theme for this issue, but it has turned out to have a distinctly rural flair to it. There’s a new book on rural community resilience, information on rural grocery initiatives, items associated with the 50th anniversary of the Rural Development Act, a NACDEP award for a rural on-line initiative, and a position announcement for a Rural Prosperity Extension Program Leader.  There’s lots more good stuff besides, including a chance for you to complete a survey on the Wednesday Webinar Series.  I hope you will sit back and check it all out.  Happy Reading!

Thomas W. Blaine, PhD
Ohio State University Extension
Newsletter Editor



President's Column

National Association of Community Development Procrastinators

Submitted by Melinda Grismer, NACDEP President

By the authority invested in me, I hereby declare we change the meaning of the letter “P” in NACDEP from “Professionals” to “Procrastinators!” And, I have proof: As a member of the Conference Sessions Committee, I watched as more than 40 of you started your proposal submission on the day of the deadline. These were the updates from the Sessions Committee Chair on Wednesday, Jan. 19:

9:44 AM: We have 39 submissions completed/34 incomplete!

3:03 PM: We have 51 submissions completed/30 incomplete!

6:00 PM: 61 submissions completed!

MIDNIGHT: 84 submissions completed!

Twenty-three submissions were completed in the final six hours of the due date, which means we surpassed the 2021 record of 20 submissions completed on the last day of an extended deadline! Therefore, while I believe I have ample evidence to convict our association (and myself included, as I am writing this president’s message on the January newsletter deadline day), we have the amazing ability to turn in some stellar work at the very last minute! Now that takes talent! (Insert back patting here!)

That talent was shining brightly during our NACDEP New Year event on Jan. 13! Eighty-one participants joined us virtually as nine of our 2021 NACDEP Award winners presented their accomplishments in programming, engagement and research:

  • Brian Raison, Ohio State University – Excellence in CD Programming (Individual)

“Our Future Online: Improving Practice for Engaging Audiences”

  • Crystal Tyler-Mackey, Virginia Cooperative Extension – Cross Program (Team)

“Food for a Long Life: A Brief Overview”

  • Claire Wolff Rippel & Dwayne James, University of Missouri – Diversity (Team)

“Neighborhood Leadership Fellows: Building Equity through Civic Leadership”

  • Marilyn Schlake, University of Nebraska-Lincoln – Excellence in Community Development Programming (Team)

“Focusing Communities through Data and Engagement: Entrepreneurial Community Activation Process”

  • Dr. Amanda Ali, Utah State University – Creative Excellence (Team)

“Utah State University Extension: Rural Online Initiative (ROI)”

  • Parker Jones, Michigan State University Extension – Excellence in Teamwork

Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities – Multi-State Showcase”

  • Hannah Wooten, University of Florida – Educational Materials (Individual) and Innovation & Creativity  (Individual)

“YouTube Video Goes Viral” about “Growing Hydroponic Microgreens”

  • Lauren Prinzo, West Virginia University – Educational Materials (Team)

“My Hometown is Cool”

  • Ryan Sandwick, University of Kentucky – Innovation & Creativity (Team)

“Sidewalk Subway”

If you missed the event but would still like to watch it, you can view it on our NACDEP YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6jgLtvNTItp0ucgmrw4XPA.

So... Even though this will be like spitting in the wind, I must say: Work on your award submissions soon! For some tips, watch the great video that our NACDEP Western Region Representative, Katie Hoffman, made about how to submit an awards packet. You can view it here on NACDEP’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYb8qyOXF7Y.

Don’t wait until February 28 (the day the packets are due!) to start your award submissions. 2022 is NOT a Leap Year