2015 NACDEP Conference Presentations


Monday, May 18, 2015

2015 Keynote Presentation - Nancy Franz
Bridging the Skills Gap: Workforce Development in Rural Communities in the Great Plains
Developing Tools and Programs to Assist Local Governments Provide Needed Services
Did It Make A Difference? -Ripple Effect Mapping and Marketing Hometown America
Bee Inspired Gardens: A Community Partnership Addressing Water Conservation, Pollinator Health, and Community Food Systems
Greater Peoria Regional Data Center Collaboration: Liberating Structures, an Innovative Tool for Civic Engagement Around Setting Local Public Issues Priorities
MINK Missouri River Corridor: Strategic Planning for Sustainability and Disaster Resiliency
Retail Market Analysis Program
The Ohio Local Government Leadership Academy
Value Added Opportunities for extension -SR 530 Mudslide Recovery Team
Business Development Education for Next Generation Latino Farmers in Pennsylvania
Community Development-Linking Community Cultural Diversity and Immigrant Health Care
Community Engagement Introduction
CRED Economic Outcomes
CREDible Public Value Stories
Family and Family Business-Thoughts on Life in the Bakken
Lessons learned from Latin American Migrant Business Owners in a New Destination State
Local Government Officials-Leadership Training
Reducing Regulatory Barriers to Local Foods
Downtown Success Indicators: A Review of the Literature
Educating Landowner Entrepreneurs About Outdoor Enterprises in Arkansas
Enhancing Public Libraries: The Digital Age
Examining the State Level Impact of Extension’s Actions in Community and Economic Development
Integrating Extension Programming in a Corporate and Community Collaboration
Improving the Capacity of Public Water Systems Through Board Management Training in Mississippi
Andrews Texas Target Communities
Tribal Governance Education

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Develop Rock Solid Entrepreneurs
Evaluating Land Use Suitability for Solar Energy Facilities in Arizona
Community Food, Not Urban or Rural Agriculture
Preparing Communities for Shale Development through Sustainable Planning
USDA NIFA Presentation
USDA-Rural Development-CED
Moving an Extension ED Course to Modern Technology
Participant Worksheet --Moving a Course from Old School to Modern Technology
Handout -- BRECourse-DesignTemplate-Part1
Handout -- Quality Matters

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Futuring: A New Strategic Visioning and Planning Tool
Informing the Strategic Priorities of Extension: A Community Engagement Strategy
Introducing the Flipped Meeting Presentation
Leading a Horse to Water and Making it Drink: Case Studies of Getting Communities to Implement Extension Programs Without Community Buy-In
Local Government Education in Indiana
Prolific Inventors
Rural Development-Some Emerging Research Possibilities at ERS
Breakthrough Solutions at Work in Harrison C.O.R.E.
Andrews Craft Beer Presentation
NACDEP 2015 Meeting Climate Change
Scale in Community Arts