2020 NACDEP Virtual Conference Presentations

1A - Honing Our Craft
1A - Mapping Your Way to Better Engagement
1B - Building Capacity of Non-Profit Organizations
1B - Leadership Retreats for Social Change
1B - Overlooked in Community Development
1C - Building Capacity to Engage County Officials
1C - Rethinking Community Development
1C - Toss Your Hat in the Ring
1D - Community Engagement Through a True Partnership
1D - TRAIN! A University and School Partnership
1D - Workforce Development in the Culinary Arts

2A - Building the Capacity of Small Coastal Communities
2A - Community Branding for Tourism and Economic Development
2A - Memory Mapping as a Community Destination Development Tool
2B - Leveraging Extension Program for Comprehensive Planning
2B - Practical Evaluation Practices for Community Development Educators
2B - Using Ripple Effects Mapping
2C - Bridging Silos Handout
2C - Bridging Silos
2C - How Network Analysis of a Minority Farmers Group Helped
2C - Launching a Successful County Agritourism Initiative
2D - Implementation of the Data for Decision Makers Program
2D - National Extension Climate Initiative
2D - Utility Scale for Solar Energy Production

3A - I Can Do This (Grant Writing)
3A - Opportunity Zones (Rural Areas)
3A - Racial Equity in Food Systems
3B - Arkansas Hub-and-Spoke Model of Food Innovation (Fryer)
3B - Fine Arts Extension Programming Impacts
3B - Vacation Vittles Round 2 (Local Foods)
3C - Systems Entrepreneurial and Community Capacity
3C - The Shared Use Kitchen
3C - Value Chain Coordination for Extension Professionals
3D - Building a Bridge too Solve Issues
3D - Resource Development to Support Extension Programs
3D - Using Story to Strengthen the Public Value of Volunteer Groups

J0 - Real Talk: Building Resilience from the Bottom Up
J0 - Workshop: Defining Food System Core Competencies Curriculum
J0 - Workshop: Public Value of Volunteering for Extension (HANDOUT)
J0 - Workshop: Public Value of Volunteering for Extension
J3 - Real Talk: All-A-Board! (Prioritizing Board Diversity and Inclusion)